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Youth and Teens

Story Time

Story time will take place Fridays at 4PM and will last approximately 30-40 minutes.* This consists of roughly 15-20 minutes of storytelling and 15-20 minutes of an activity related to the reading.

Due to a lack of attendance, we will no longer be offering story time on Thursdays at 6PM.

*If you cannot attend our story hour, feel free to call us or stop by another time! If we are not busy we would be more than happy to read a story or two to your children.

Summer Reading 2024

Check out our summer reading program for children ages 0-12.


We have a fun new way to help people keep track of the books they read for 2024!

This website is called READsquared and it allows us, as a library, to create different programs that we think might encourage everyone to read more in the upcoming year.

Our first program is called: How Many Books Can You Read? This program is for people ages 5-19+ and is completely FREE. The idea is to simply keep track of how many books you read. Just for enrolling in the program everyone will unlock a mini game and story. For every two books read, a mini game and story will be unlocked!

Sign up here to create your avatar and get started today!

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

On behalf of the 1,000 Books Foundation, we invite you to participate in this FREE program which encourages you to read 1,000 books with your child before they start kindergarten.

Register in person at the Mount Morris Library!