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About Us

Plans for a library in Mount Morris were underway in March of 1831, when “certain persons in the Town of Mount Morris, desiring to unite themselves a body corporate” formed the Mount Morris Library Association.  The originally elected trustees were Hiram Hunt, David A. Miller, George Hastings, Reuben Sleeper, Isaac N. Robinson, Phineas Canfield and Adino Bailey. There is no known record of the location of that newly formed library.

In 1910, Mrs. Ozro Clark presented to the Library Association a house, located on the corner of Main and Murray Streets. She had purchased the George Stout – James E. Boggs home and had added a south wing to the building. The Library Association raised $1,500.00 from one dollar memberships and donations to open a new library there. The trustees elected in 1910 were J. B. Adams, Rev. Dr. Andrew E. Breen, A. S. Smith, and John Donovan.

Mrs. Knappenberg served as the first librarian until 1915. She was succeeded by Miss Jennie Rockfellow who remained until 1955, when Mrs. Ruth Johnson Staley took her place and saw the library through the construction of the present building. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and other volunteers moved the 8,000 books and equipment across the street, where library business took place for the next ten months. The new library was constructed at a cost of $34,292, with an additional $3200.00 spent on furnishings, equipment, and landscaping.

In 1961, Jean Pfeil moved from the clerk’s position to head librarian and operated the library until 1969, serving afterward on the Board of Trustees. She was succeeded by Rose Murphy (1969-1973), Teresa Canute (1973-1976), Linda Cannon (1976-1985), Wendy Hainey Moore (1985-1991), Nan Hasler (1991-1992), Sharon Stanley (1992-2020, Kelly DelToro-White (2020-2022), and as of present, Dr. M. Fernanda Astiz.